Hazal Kaya will move away from her baby and why?


The Turkish star Hazal Kaya said that she would miss her child (I thought) a lot because of the start of filming her new movie within days, which would make her move away from him for a not short time as described.

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The film will be shot in two or three weeks, away from her home and she will not be able to take her baby with her.

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(Fikret) He will stay with his father, director Ali Atay, and Hazal’s mother.

She recounted: (I am very excited to start filming my latest film, which will bring me back to you after an absence due to my childbirth, but I am worried about my child, which I will leave for a few days with my husband and mother).

“It is a piece of my soul, so I find it difficult to get away from it even for a few hours,” she continued. “I am in pain.”

She added, (But my fans are right, I have waited a long time and I have to come back one way or the other.)


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