He worked as an assistant director, and for this reason, he became depressed. Information about Karim A.


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Monday 17 August 2020

Books – Hani Saber:
Today, Monday, the star Karim Abdel Aziz celebrates his birthday, after a long journey with acting that he started early. Karim is considered one of the most important stars of the first grade.

We provide you with information about Karim Abdel Aziz in the following report:

He was born on August 17th, 1975 in the Agouza neighborhood.
– He is the son of the great director Mohamed Abdel Aziz, and his uncle is the director Omar Abdel Aziz.
He graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema, and his artistic start was since he was five years old, with the movie “Al-Mashbouh” and he worked with the artist Suad Hosni and the artist Adel Imam.
– He broke into the world of acting after graduating from the institute with director Sherif Arafa with the film “Laugh, the image looks sweet” in 1999, and it was the real beginning of it.
– He starred in cinema and presented several works, including: “One of the people, a thief in KG2, a thief in Thailand, the pasha is a student, in the Egyptian station, the blue elephant.”
– He signed the second part of the series “The Choice”.
The movie “The Blue Elephant 2” achieved the highest revenue in the history of Egyptian cinema.
– His wife is called Heidi Hani Sorour, and he married her after a love story that brought them together. Her father is a friend of his father, and he has a son called “Ali” and a girl named “Malak”.
– He denied the existence of any differences between him and Ahmed Ezz because of the movie “Kira and the Jinn”, and said in televised statements: “I do not want to swear and the life of our Lord I swear by God, neither generous nor glory, nor glory nor generous, we have spoken about any details that have a relationship, neither names nor lights. “.
– “Kira Wal Jinn” is the third collaboration between him and director Marwan Hamed and author Ahmed Mourad. Its events are set at the time of the English occupation. The film is based on the novel “1919”.
He was recently exposed to a rumored injury to his left foot during the filming of the movie “Kira Wal Jin”.

– His last work on television was the series “Zeebak”, which was shown in 2017.
– He said on the authority of Alaa Wali El-Din in televised statements: “My relationship with Alaa started behind the camera, and they used to show that Henedi was leading as a movie star and Alaa after him, and we met in Abboud at the border. I loved Alaa an unnatural love and he loved me very much, it was a sweet sign in my life. “The last phone that Alaa asked was me after the Eid prayer, and his mother preferred to shake the phone and brush us after his death.”

– He explained in televised statements that he worked as an assistant director with the movie “Helq Hosh” directed by his father.
– He said in televised statements: “(Abu Ali) is one of the films closest to my heart, unlike (One of the People), which was shown for the sake of a message, purpose and meaning, and I love the music of (Abu Ali) presented by musician Amr Ismail.”

– He said: “I went through a state of depression that lasted for 4 or 5 years after I got older, and the shift from the age of the thirties to the forties of age or the so-called midlife crisis, and this condition may express the closure of a chapter of life and the start of a new chapter, and review with a greed for acting I love diagnosis, not acting. ”
– He said: “I, Saqa, my dream, and I’m were raised by great professors, whether in the family, in the cinema institute, or on filming sites, and we grew up on foundations that the new generation might see as this, but they are not at all.”
– He revealed in televised statements: “We are a generation of fear, and I said it before this to my colleagues, we used to make a movie and wished for the revenues, and we forgot about the new film, while our role is to act and show characters, topics, problems and crises to the public.”
– On the authority of Al-Saqqa .. He said in televised statements: “Me and Al-Saqa have been friends for a long time, and I am dear to be close friends. At the Institute of Dramatic Arts, and I was a year younger than Saqqa, and inside the Film Institute with a foot in the directing department, Ahmed El Sakka is a big star.
– He added in statements to him: “In the movie (Laugh, the picture looks sweet), I had 22 years, and I went to the director Sherif Arafa and told him after Mr. Ahmed Zaki hit me with a pen. I want a reaction and what to do, so he preferred to laugh, and the artist Ezzat Abu Auf sat laughing after the camera And the one holding a bag was falling in his hand, from the greatness of Ahmed Zaki’s eye, when I looked in his eyes, I saw his hand while hitting me with the pen in a scene in the movie, and suddenly I found myself sleeping on the ground, and after that my lap was gone, and I understood after the scene why Professor Ezzat Abu Ouf was laughing before the scene.


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