Health Care invites citizens in Luxor to register for the comprehensive health insurance system


The new comprehensive health insurance system called on citizens in Luxor Governorate to go to register in health units and centers within the new system to benefit from the medical services provided by the new system.

The Health Care Authority, one of the bodies of the new comprehensive health insurance system, said that registration in the new system requires only the national ID card, after which a comprehensive medical survey is conducted for the beneficiary to open the patient’s medical file and provide him with sustainable service for the beneficiary.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, head of the Health Care Authority, explained to “The Seventh Day”, that the new system provides all medical and laboratory capabilities to the citizen, indicating that registration in the unit or center represents a gateway to obtaining the health service, and continued: What distinguishes the system is that it is symbiotic and provides all means of treatment. For the patient and was able to travel abroad when needed and treatment at home was impossible.


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