Health disaster … feeding dead animals in Dakahlia “video”


An enlarged campaign headed by Hatem Qabil, head of the center and city of Bani Ubaid in the Dakahlia Governorate, managed to control a fish farm that feeds fish to dead animals, in the city of Bani Ubaid on an area of ​​350 meters in the middle of the agricultural land, in the Al-Jarn Basin in the Al-Sunbari region, in the city of Bani Ubaid, with a depth of 2 meters and sweeping the land Agricultural.

The campaign revealed that the catfish farm feeds on the residues and guts of birds, as well as dead animals, such as dogs, cattle, and dead sheep, as you notice during the campaign on both sides of the farm, the presence of animal droppings, fowls, stumps, and animal bones..

To know the details, watch the following video ….


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