Health reveals ways to connect with presidential initiatives to treat various diseases


The Ministry of Health and Population revealed mechanisms for inquiring about presidential initiatives to benefit from its services in all governorates of the Republic, and said that the Women’s Health Initiative can be inquired about through No. 15335 and the Chronic Diseases Initiative through No. 15335, while the President’s initiative for waiting lists is through No. 15300.

Presidential initiatives provide treatment, detection and analysis for beneficiaries and patients free of charge, without any costs. They are also available in all governorates. The nearest center can be reached to obtain the service through the Egypt Health application or by calling the hotlines available in the initiatives.

Presidential initiatives provide the best specialists for the detection and treatment of various medical specialties, and the state supports them with 100% of the supplies and medicines. The initiatives aim to create a complete database of patients to be used in showing the spread of diseases across the country’s health map.


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