Health warns citizens of a second wave .. 3 scenarios for Corona in the coming period


Dr. Islam Anan, professor of health economics and epidemiology, has warned citizens of laxity in precautionary measures against the Corona virus in the current period. He said that the number of people infected with the Coronavirus proceeded as expected in June and July, and began to decline after it reached its peak last June.

A second wave of Coronavirus

“Annan” added, in a phone call to the “8 Subh” program on the DMC satellite channel today, Monday, that it was noticed that citizens did not adhere to wearing masks in the recent period, which raised fears of an increase in the number of HIV infections again, explaining that the first wave of the Corona virus in Egypt is not over yet, saying: “The first wave is still my faithfulness and the numbers have increased slightly again.”

He continued that it is noticeable that the increase in numbers outside Cairo governorate, explaining that the World Health Organization has made 3 assumptions about the global situation in the coming period, either there will be a second wave and it is stronger than the first such as the Spanish flu, or the second wave is like the first, such as Seasonal influenza, or be weaker than the first, like the rest of the Corona family.

The professor of health economics and epidemiology added that the nature of viruses is mutable, but the mutation of the Corona virus did not change the characteristics of the virus and make it more virulent so far, and he also notes that the symptoms of infection with the virus are less in hospitals than before, and he continued, “We are near the end of the wave and we need to keep Wearing masks until next September and continuing social distancing.


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