How can kidney failure kill people addicted to painkillers? .. A new episode of Walid Clinic’s program


The fourth episode of the Walid Clinic program, which is broadcast on the seventh day television, reveals the danger of analgesics to the general health of the human being and their cause in cases of kidney failure.

The fourth episode explains the mechanism caused by the use of painkillers in the occurrence of kidney failure, where the analgesic tablets stimulate the secretion of the substance “prostaglandins”, which works mainly to relieve pain and help widen the kidney arteries to facilitate blood flow to them and thus improve their condition and with taking painkillers less secretion in the kidneys Thus, it reduces its functional efficiency, which is responsible for eliminating toxins in the body, which is deposited on the kidney tissues and leads to their exposure to inflammation, and from here kidney failure occurs.

The episode indicates that many studies have proven that 2000 doses of analgesic are capable of causing kidney failure for a person who takes painkillers frequently. Other studies have also confirmed that 15% of cases of kidney failure are caused by taking painkillers.

The fourth episode of Walid Clinic’s program explains that taking painkillers on a daily basis not only leads to liver or kidney failure, but also causes other complications such as high blood pressure, miscarriage, hearing impairment, and digestive disorders.

The symptoms of kidney failure are an increase in body temperature, an increase in the frequency of urination, a burning sensation when urinating, pain in the side, and a change in the color of urine.

The episode explains the urgent cases in taking painkillers under the doctor’s directives. It also recommends the necessity of taking safe painkillers on the kidneys, such as those containing paracetamol in urgent cases, with large quantities of water to reduce its effect on the kidneys and facilitate blood flow to them.

The disease increases, especially in middle-aged people, especially among women, because these take large amounts of painkillers, especially if they suffer from psychological anxiety, headache or rheumatic pain, and acid ulcers and anemia are frequent among patients.


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