How does parchment help lose weight?


Some people think that parchmental figs may interfere with “diet” systems and cause weight gain and obesity, because it contains a high percentage of sugars, is this true?

According to “Livestrong”, figs are a low-calorie summer fruit, as one fruit contains only 40 calories, and is characterized by its high content of nutrients that the body needs during the “diet”, such as fiber that helps to feel full.

Feeling full

A large piece of parchment figs contains 1.9 grams of natural fiber, which equates to 8% of the daily ration the body needs.

Fiber is a useful nutrient for “dieters”, as it helps to feel full and full for a long time, which reduces the amount of calories consumed throughout the day, thus losing weight.

Good for the digestive system

You can rely on figs to get rid of troublesome digestive disorders, especially constipation, because it contains fibers that improve intestinal movement, facilitate the processes of digestion and excretion, and promote the presence of good bacteria in the stomach

Controls eating figs

Make sure to eat fresh figs instead of the dried counterpart, which contains 93 calories and 18 grams of sugars per cup.

– It is forbidden for “diet” followers to eat fig jam, because the method of preparing it loses the nutrients in it, and makes it high in sugars and calories.

Figs should not be consumed too much, as consuming them in large quantities may be counterproductive to general health and may cause weight gain.


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