How old is the core of the planet Earth? .. Scientists propose a new theory


Geologists recently announced new estimates regarding the possible age of the planet’s inner core, and they are likely to be less than we thought earlier, and the researchers conducted their study inside the laboratory, through an advanced simulation system, in order to know the approximate age of the planet’s inner core, on More precisely.

According to the newspaper “The Independent”, researchers are likely that the age of the nucleus of the planet between one billion and 1.3 billion years, and this new estimate is much younger than the numbers that were circulating earlier, and were talking about the age between 1.3 to 4.5 billion Year.

But this new study also adds to a recent study that had suggested that the planet’s core is only 565 years old.

Experts say that estimating these numbers is very important, because it is not just curiosity, but rather helps to understand what is located inside the earth and how it affects the heat and what is known as the “earth generator” or the mechanism that keeps the magnetic field of the earth in its place and guarantees our protection from the harmful rays of the sun. .

Geosciences researcher at the University of Texas, Jung Fu Lin, said that people are passionate about the origin of the earth’s generator and the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field..

The academic supervising the study explained that this interest is due to the effect of these matters, i.e. the Earth’s birth and the magnetic field, on the possibility of life on the planet Earth, i.e. the ability of the Earth to be inhabited..

The inner core of the planet consists of a solid iron layer, along with an outer layer of liquid iron or magma.

The researchers tried to monitor the way in which iron works to convert heat in order to obtain information about the core, such as the approximate age of this “mysterious” part of the Earth.


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