How to survive 7 viral diseases in a new episode of Walid Clinic


The third episode of the Walid Clinic program reveals a significant decline in Corona virus infections due to citizens’ preservation of social estrangement and taking all precautionary and preventive measures.

The third episode of Walid Clinic also raises a question: Can there be peace between citizens of each other in the coming period? Especially after knowing that many viral diseases are transmitted through convergence?.

The program reviewed a set of facts and information on which it relied on the opinions of the Habra, including that the spray flying through the words comes out with it in each batch 200 microbes while the cough comes out with it 3500 microbes and the sneeze comes out with it 4500 microbes to millions of microbes, which confirms the inevitability of infection and the transmission of infection if it is not done Consider social spacing .

The third episode of the Walid Clinic program came out that the ways to prevent and protect against infection are represented by wearing gaskets as well as taking into account social spacing and taking all preventive and precautionary measures, including washing hands and maintaining personal hygiene..

The third episode of the program reveals viral diseases that are transmitted by infection due to unaccounted convergence, including influenza, measles, ration, meningitis, corona, mumps, herpes and tuberculosis. .

Walid Clinic’s program shows that the real entrance to the virus is the eye, mouth and nose, stressing that the flying drops that come from different people live in the air for 14 minutes, which threatens the life of the person with infection and infection. .

The ways of transmitting the infection are many: contact, air, direct contact, sexual contact, and breathing. He continued: Entering the flu season and the great challenge in distinguishing between influenza and corona as a result of the similarity of symptoms.

The program called on citizens to maintain social spacing no less than 150 cm with the application of the protocol related to sneezing and coughing in order to prevent the transmission of infection, and advised citizens to obtain additional vaccinations from health offices and serum and vaccine outlets at simple prices compared to what is sold in private clinics .


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