I led a launch loaded with the wounded from Sinai and rescued Field Marshal Tantawi … the late guerrilla tournaments, Ali Al-Shatta


She told her father that they had sworn her on the Qur’an in order to volunteer to aid the Egyptian soldiers during the tripartite aggression against Egypt, after the late President “Gamal Abdel Nasser” decided to close institutes and colleges as a result of declaring a state of war, so she went Commandos The militant, the daughter of the land of championships in Port Said, “Alia Al-Shatwi”, went to the health unit at the time, and got a letter from the director of the military hospital in Port Said.
A few hours ago, Port Said governorate has been in a state of sadness following the departure of the heroine of the popular resistance “Alia Al-Shatwa”, which is one of the most important symbols Redemption Who was born, lived and died on the land of championships.

Al-Shatwa had many heroic memories from the tripartite aggression on Egypt in 1956 until the October War in 1973, and she was still 17 years old, so she worked diligently to treat the war wounded and injured among the Egyptian soldiers.

Among her most famous heroics is that she personally led the establishments of the Suez Canal Authority and the Canal Company to moor ships in order to transport the wounded and injured returning from Sinai.

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On one occasion, she carried among the wounded inside the “launch” the late Field Marshal “Muhammad Hussein Tantawi” and the governor of Sinai at the time, disguised as “an aunt and a galabia.”

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