I love you, mom … the last words uttered by a child who died of a mysterious disease


“I love you” is the last word that the child uttered as he said goodbye to his mother before he died of a mysterious disease, and according to the British Daily Mail, Claire Walker, 31, asked her son Cillian Anderson, who was playing a game Fortnite To wear his pajamas until they could watch a movie together, and a few seconds later, I heard his terrifying screams and did not understand why.


Killian had asthma and hay fever and was taking medication for his health conditions. The family began to take shelter weeks before the lockdown began on March 23 to protect Cillian..

Experts say Cillian may have had a fatal asthma attack or possibly an allergic reaction, and is awaiting blood results to say for sure..

Mrs. Walker said that the last thing he said to her was, “I love you, mom.” She replied, “I love you too, son.”.

The mother called the ambulance immediately, and he was taken to the hospital and first aid was given, but the child died ten minutes later.

The cause of death was not known until now, as it may be the result of taking the wrong medication or the result of a severe asthma attack, according to the doctors.


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