If the lungs and chest are healthy, and you want a solution, you can save them with drinks 3 times


From God’s blessings on us, the lungs must be thanked by preserving them, caring for them and not being exposed to diseases.

In this article, we will learn together about drinks and healthy habits to preserve the lungs and chest:

Healthy habits to preserve the lungs:

First: Quitting smoking completely and it is worth noting that quitting smoking requires “his will and decision.”

Second: inhale fresh air, breathe in a correct way, and sit in places full of greenery.

Third: Follow a healthy diet by eating vegetables and anti-inflammatory foods, and exercise and begin gradually to enhance the performance of the lungs and provide them with oxygen, and drink herbal drinks to cleanse the chest and lungs.

1- Drinking water, as water is the artery of life and works to distribute salts and minerals in the body, fight lung infections, and improve breathing.

2- Drink and chew mint leaves to lighten the breath, expel phlegm, and expand the alveoli.

3- Drink oregano by placing 3 drops of oil in a glass of water and drink it in the morning and evening to improve lung function, expel phlegm and increase the body’s immunity.

4- Ginger drink improves blood circulation, cleanses the lungs from toxins, treats coughs and expels mucus.

5- Green tea is an antioxidant and expectorant.

6- Boiled guava leaves and eat it daily in the morning.

7- Drink honey, mix it with warm water, and take it in the morning to expel phlegm and remove throat irritation.


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