If you are bald, you rejoice: our treatment


A recent study showed that the treatment of alopecia has become a step closer after scientists were able to stop hair loss in mice after discovering a molecule that promotes hair growth and can be used in future pharmacological treatments. The new discovery means that new creams and lotions can be used as an alternative to relying on costly hair transplants to control baldness.

An American laboratory study focused on papillary cells located at the base of hair follicles and promotes hair regrowth. The scientists compared two-dimensional copies of cells grown in dishes and three-dimensional structures called spherical bodies, to test how fast the hair grows in mice. Indeed, 3D cells treated mice recovered 90 percent of the hair cap after 15 days of the 20-day trial.

This is due to the molecules known as “micronas” that promote the growth of hair follicles when scientists increase levels. Researchers now believe that brief treatments that do not involve the cultivation of whole new cells can treat baldness. The findings of the scientists at North Carolina State University, in the United States of America, were published in the latest issue of the Science Advances journal. “X-ray cell therapy can be effective for baldness, but you have to work to grow, expand, preserve, and inject these cells into the bald area,” said Ji Xing, the lead researcher in the study.

On the other hand, micronas can be used in small molecular based medications. “So it’s possible that we could make a cream or lotion of similar effect with fewer problems. So future studies will focus on using microsnas only to promote hair growth, ”says Xing.

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