If you are going to study dentistry .. 3 conditions for enrollment in the Dental Association, you must know them


According to the decision of the Extraordinary General Assembly, which was held on Friday, November 8, 2019 regarding criteria, the General Syndicate of Dentists has set a number of conditions and mechanisms for registering graduates of Egyptian private universities.

The conditions and mechanisms of the Dental Association include:

1- Registration of all private dental colleges established by presidential decree and approved by the Supreme Council of Universities.

2- Registration of college students while adhering to the minimum limit for the Supreme Council of Universities for the same year of admission.

3- Cases that are below the minimum limit of the Supreme Council of Universities, their testimony will be returned to the Supreme Council of Universities, as the Syndicate considered that their enrollment in the college in this case was done illegally.

The Dental Association had confirmed that these decisions came within the framework of finding mechanisms to organize the increasing number of graduates from the need of the labor market.

These conditions come against the background of the Dentists Syndicate seizing several incidents of doctors who have obtained a dental certificate, with a total less than the minimum admission limit set by the Supreme Council of Universities, through enrollment in colleges outside Egypt.

And Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education, announced that the first stage of coordination is expected to start on August 22nd after the end of the capacity tests, indicating that the coordination system works electronically, and students who do not have any electronic means should go to the nearest university.


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