If you suffer from shoulder pain after sleeping, know the reason


Sleep helps the body repair itself, however, some people may notice that their shoulder hurts after sleeping, which has many reasons, according to a report by the site. medicalnewstoday There are also a number of effective treatments.

Certain sleeping positions and improper mattresses can cause or exacerbate shoulder pain. In some cases, shoulder pain occurs from sleep due to a person’s sleeping position, as people who sleep with their hands controlling their forehead while lying on their back are more likely to develop shoulder pain..

As this position puts more pressure on the neck and shoulder muscles than others, it also increases pressure on the spine through a muscle called the scalene. These muscles are connected to both the shoulder and the spine through the ribs..

Squeezing these muscles can cause several types of pain as the tight neck and shoulder muscles may cause a tension headache, while the tightness of the skin muscle can cause tingling, pain and weakness in the arms..

Frozen shoulder is a very painful condition that causes inflammation in the shoulder.This can lead to stiffness and difficulty moving the affected joint, this condition develops over time, but the pain and stiffness may occur suddenly. Healing can take 2-3 years.

Doctors do not know the cause of frozen shoulder, however, there are a number of risk factors that make it more likely to develop and include diabetes, stroke, thyroid disorders, shoulder injuries, Parkinson’s disease, cancer.


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