Immediately stop drinking water at these times


Drinking more water can be the golden advice given by doctors from all disciplines to protect the skin, regulate the digestive process, control weight, and maintain the health of the body in general, so is drinking water irritating?

Contrary to the principle that doctors require you to drink 8 glasses of water a day, drinking water sometimes poses a health risk, and among those times when water should not be consumed, according to the NHs.

Drink cold water on an empty stomach:

Some people get used to drinking cold water in the morning after waking up, especially in the summer, to overcome the feeling of high air temperature that causes stomach cramps and then later leads to difficulties in digesting the body as it increases the rate of sore throat.

Drink water immediately after eating:

This habit is considered one of the unpleasant health habits, as it causes a feeling of bloating, and inhibits the stomach secretion of digestive juices responsible for the breakdown of food to facilitate the digestion process, so that the body absorbs it afterwards, so try not to place the glass of water on the dining table, and postpone the matter until after completion Eat the meal for at least half an hour.

Drink water before going to bed:

This habit causes an increase in the rates of anxiety and waking up during sleep to go to the bathroom to urinate, as the kidneys continue to function even during sleep, which reduces the person’s ability to sleep stable, especially those who suffer from difficulty sleeping, or insomnia.

So try to drink the last glass of water at least half an hour before bed, so that there will be enough time to go to the bathroom.

Drink water while urine is changing color:

We may find that the color of urine has turned pale yellow, which indicates an increase in the level of fluid in the body than the body needs, which is reflected in the lack of sodium levels in the body, which causes excessive sweating and excessive urination.

Drink water after exercising:

Exercising makes your heart beat faster and your heart needs a rest after that, so drinking water forces your heart to work harder to get it done, which increases your heart’s stress, especially if you drink cold water.


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