Imprisonment and a fine of 500,000 cases a health product or service has caused death or permanent disability


The law regulating the advertisement of health services and products has put in place controls to prevent chaos and randomness in advertising activities for health products and services, in order to preserve public health, values, ideals and ethics in the Egyptian society, and to avoid the harms of misleading advertisements, and these controls are as follows:

It is prohibited to advertise, in any way, any health product or service without obtaining a license to do so from a competent committee.

Forming a supreme committee headed by the Minister of Health to issue a license to advertise any health product or health service.

– The committee is responsible for reading and reviewing the content and content of the advertisement, and it ensures that the product or service fulfills the licensing and trading procedures.

– The committee may address the Supreme Council for Media Regulation to stop broadcasting or publishing unauthorized advertisements

– The advertiser shall pay a fee of not more than ten thousand pounds for each advertisement.

One month imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 pounds as a penalty for advertising without a permit from the competent committee.

Imprisonment and a fine of 500 thousand pounds, if the use of the declared product results in death or permanent disability.

– The person responsible for the actual management of a legal person, if it is proven that he is aware of the criminal act, shall be punished with the same penalty.

Confiscation of products, money and things used in the crime.


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