In the video, a doctor reveals when the second wave of Corona will start


Dr. Ziad Matar, a consultant lung and chest diseases in the United States, revealed the date of the start of the second wave of the Corona virus, explaining that the second wave of the virus is likely to start next October.

Matar noted, during his statements to the “Last Week” program, on the “Echo of the Country” satellite channel, that the first wave of the Corona virus has not ended and is still present, explaining that the initial results of the Corona vaccine tests will appear at the end of next month.

He pointed out that there is no evidence to confirm that the Corona virus returns to those recovering again, but it is possible for you to mourn, but the body has formed antibodies that continue in the blood from three to six hairs, and in the case of infection again with Corona after recovery, the infection is lighter than Shaddah area.


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