Is “hiccup” the latest symptom of corona infection? Know the details


Since the Coronavirus pandemic began, there has been a kind of mystery for experts and medical professionals, the list of symptoms that was long with only three symptoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States of America, now has at least 11 potential symptoms of the disease, with the disease spreading in The world, even as experts work around the clock to produce effective and safe vaccines and treatments for the condition, new symptoms and complications due to the disease are reported almost every day. Now, doctors face patients who report “hiccups” as the main symptom of the spreading disease caused by infection with Corona, according to Cited by a newspaper report time now news.

Are hiccups the latest symptom of corona?

According to a report published in Business Insider , Reported doctors in the Emergency Department of American County Cook County Health An unusual case for COVID-19 In April, the patient had hiccups as the main symptom of the disease. It is unusual because hiccups have not been reported or listed as a symptom of Corona.

The patient has had hiccups for more than four days for no reason, and has also experienced severe weight loss in recent weeks. When doctors did a chest x-ray, to suspect a lung tumor, what they found was a “ground glass”, a common feature in patients’ lungs COVID-19 , Which makes the X-rays appear cloudy. When he was tested for the new coronavirus, he found it positive.

A similar case was seen in June, in a study published online and not yet reviewed.A 64-year-old man was brought to the emergency room after complaining of persistent hiccups and wheezing.When an X-ray was performed, a similar ground glass pattern was observed during the test, which was also found to be infected. Coronavirus.

What can lead to hiccups among Corona patients?

In an effort to understand what could cause hiccups in sick patients COVID-19 Mysteriously, some doctors said that the symptoms can be linked to the already proven, researched and listed symptoms of gastrointestinal problems caused by Corona, the evidence for this is that if the virus can irritate the digestive system, it may also affect the phrenic nerve, which controls the diaphragm, can This causes involuntary contractions of the diaphragm, also known as hiccups.

However, this is just speculation.No specific studies have been done on this matter so far.It is advisable to undergo testing and self-isolation for at least two weeks if you see any common symptoms of Corona, as listed by health agencies. Still, it is also important to continue practicing prevention – social distancing, wearing a mask, and washing hands frequently to prevent the risk of infection.


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