It can be treated in 3 days instead of a week


Dr. Muhammad Awad Tajuddin, Advisor to the President of the Republic for Medical Affairs, said that the state’s interest in educating and training the medical sector gives doctors great experience in dealing with patients, and the patient’s stay may be limited to 3 days for treatment instead of a week.
Awad Tajuddin continued, during a telephone interview on the “Extra News” channel, that this saves a lot on the medical staff and the patient as well, whether on the psychological, financial or nervous side, explaining that the medical sector has many requirements and supplies that must be met in abundance.

He pointed out that the state has worked to develop and meet the needs of this sector a great deal, and thanked all medical personnel.

He stressed that the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister are closely following the medical sector and providing all medical supplies, noting that the number of doctors has become too much due to the diversity of the number of universities and medical colleges, but there is still a deficit in the medical sector.


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