It may kill you .. The worst 5 eating habits kidnap years of your life


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Wednesday 05 August 2020

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Although the diet may be useful in many cases, for weight loss and for maintaining health, but at the same time it may be fatal without knowing, if the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables is not consumed.

We review the 5 worst eating habits that could kidnap years of your life, according to the “eatthis” website.

Follow a high protein plan

Research published in the American journal “Metabolism” indicates that middle-aged adults who consume a protein-rich diet may harm their health like those who smoke cigarettes, high protein lifestyle (classified as those who get at least 20% of Daily calories from any protein source (with an increase in death rates from cancer and diabetes), and those who eat an abundance of animal products (such as meat and cheese) are more likely to die early regardless of the cause.

However, a moderate diet centered on plant foods, such as beans and chickpeas, can be beneficial for adults over the age of 65.

Research shows that a middle-aged, low-protein diet is beneficial in preventing cancer, through a process that involves hormone regulation and possibly insulin levels, said Eileen Cremins, University of Southern California doctor and co-author of the study, however, at older ages, It may be important to avoid a low protein diet to allow you to maintain a healthy weight and protect from weakness.

According to the study, older adults who followed a protein-rich meal plan were four times more likely to die from cancer by 74% compared to those who consumed a low-protein diet.

Drink soda

I’ve heard countless times that sugary soft drinks are bad for you, but a study published in the journal “JAMA International Medicine” found that reducing soft drinks (regular and diet) can shorten your life, and a team of researchers analyzed data from more than 451 , 000,000 European adults over a 16-year period, and concluded that having two or more cups of soft drinks a day was associated with an increased risk of total death.

The study confirmed that drinking two or more cups per day also resulted in a higher risk of death from circulatory diseases, and drinking one cup per day was associated with a higher risk of death due to diseases of the digestive system.

Focuses on low-carb foods

A study published in The Lancet Public “Health, analyzed the intake of carbohydrates for more than 15,400 American middle-aged adults over the past 25 years, participants who consumed moderate levels of carbohydrates (50% of calories derived from carbohydrates), were longer compared to those who ate Very low carbohydrates (30% or less calories).

The study confirmed that the middle-aged group that consumed moderate carbohydrates lived four times longer than the group consuming very low carbohydrates and two years longer than the slightly lower carbohydrate group.

Avoid fat

More evidence that your fat friend, earlier this year, the journal “JAMA Internal Medicine” published a report that looked at the eating patterns of more than 37,000 American adults over 15 years, and people who were less likely to die early followed a diet consisting of Proteins, trans fats and high-quality carbohydrates (i.e. vegetables, whole grains and legumes), where the death rate was lower than those who consumed a few low-carb fats.

And about 12% of those who follow a low-fat diet get a large portion of calories from unhealthy sources such as low-fat yogurt, bread, and sweets, which contain higher amounts of sugar compared to whole fat, too, can deprive diets that lack “fat” The “proper” body of some nutrients because it absorbs the four soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Eat a lot

Giving your body a rest from food can keep you alive longer. A study of nearly four and a half years published in the journal Circulation focused on the results of an average life expectancy of about 2,000 people who underwent (cardiac catheterization).

Nearly 400 of those participants who maintained “routine fasting” for at least five years, their long-term diagnosis was much better, and after 4 years, the death rate among those who were keen to stick to intermittent fasting was 45% lower compared to others in Study group.


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