It will not reach the Americans before the end of 2021


The leading experts and specialists in America exploded a shocking surprise to some about the upcoming Corona vaccine, while it is something expected for many analysts and as revealed by the Bashayer analysts team, when we confirmed that the battle to produce the Corona vaccine is a political battle in the first place.

It is expected that the Russian vaccine will be attacked from many sides.

  • European parties will claim to steal advanced research to develop the vaccine by the Russians.
  • The World Health Organization, which will try to question the vaccine, to support the global pharmaceutical companies that fund it in the first place.
  • American pharmaceutical companies hit by the Russian vaccine are killed.
  • All beneficiaries of the Corona crisis and the wealthy of the pandemic
  • The Democratic camp in America that will not allow the presence of the vaccine before the American elections in November.

Here is the following report, which is the beginning of the rain:

And they said that even if the most optimistic forecasts are correct and the Corona vaccine is allowed to be used in the United States in November, the vast majority of Americans will not be able to get vaccinations until the spring or summer of next year at the earliest.

That potential timeline, based on interviews and observations from top professionals including the chief US infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the White House coronavirus task force, means businesses, schoolchildren and families will continue to wait.

In an interview, Anthony Fauci said, according to Bloomberg, that vaccines may take until 2021 to reach many of the general public.

“I hope that by the time we reach the second half of 2021, companies will have delivered hundreds of millions of the doses they promised,” Fauci added.

The reasons are many. U.S. health officials will have only a very small fraction of the usual safety and efficacy data, as pioneering products require two doses, which will limit the number of people who can be helped by doses that will be provided early. Government health officials are still developing a plan for who will receive the doses, how they will be distributed, and how their effectiveness and safety will be tracked next.

“For three to six months to nine months, there will be more people who want a vaccine than there are vaccines,” said Stephan Bancel, CEO of Moderna Inc, the biotechnology company that is developing the Corona vaccine.

Bancil expects Moderna to obtain emergency permission from the Food and Drug Administration for “a very small population at very high risk”. He said in an interview that vaccines intended for the general population will need full approval from the Food and Drug Administration, which will likely take much longer.

These comments contradict the timeline portrayed by President Donald Trump, who has said the vaccine may be ready by Election Day on November 3.

Here is what the Bashir Research Center published this morning about the implications of the announcement of the Russian vaccine:

A leak from a security meeting held by President Putin last month, during which he said: We will surprise the Americans and the world by producing the first effective vaccine against Corona, just as we challenged the Americans in the middle of the last century, and we told them we will invade space, and we sent Sputnik the first satellite, then we sent Gagarin the first astronaut in history ..
The Americans followed us after five years ..
The Russian vaccine will be ready to vaccinate humans before September.

This leak confirms once again that Corona is still creating new vocabulary for the post-epidemic world.
The Russians succeeded in producing the vaccine, and Western companies are still panting in order to produce the vaccine … especially in Britain and America.
Despite the Western obsession, there are those who disrupt the production of the vaccine in the two countries at least until after November (that is, the American elections), and question the ability of any vaccine to confront the epidemic.
The Democratic Party does not want to produce the vaccine before November, so that Trump does not declare his victory in the battle of the epidemic, and they impede all opportunities to produce an effective vaccine. They even doubt the feasibility of the work itself.
Now the Russian vaccine is available. The US Food and Drug Administration will often hesitate to acknowledge it, and the Democrats will launch intense campaigns to prevent them from benefiting from all the illegal means they use.
But the results are multiplied in advance. Any American citizen can now request through, Amazon, or any e-commerce company for any number of doses, and use them to immunize his family and possibly those working with him.
Russia will make crazy profits with this vaccine over a period of two or three months.
Also, the emergence of the Russian vaccine means an end to the deliberate disruption of production in America, which has passed all clinical trials.
The battle is now political par excellence ..


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