Japanese loses hearing and develops severe eye and lung inflammation due to “tattoos”


Many young people prefer to make tattoo drawings or “tattoos” on separate areas of the body, but this may lead to a serious allergic reaction that has worse complications for the person, which is what happened to a Japanese man who lost his hearing and developed a severe eye infection, according to a newspaper report sciencealert.

Experts emphasized that there is a slight chance of an allergic reaction after tattooing and the possibility of infection, as doctors at Fukuoka University Hospital in Japan diagnosed some symptoms in a 35-year-old patient as a result of his recent tattooing, which resulted in hearing loss and lung lesions. , And eye inflammation.


The tattoo was perhaps the farthest from the patient’s mind when he was presented to the ophthalmology department after suffering a vision defect during the past four months. Doctors diagnosed the man’s infection with an inflammatory condition called uveitis, which is named after it because it affects the middle layer of tissue in the eye wall, which is called the uvea.

Medical professionals suspected that accumulations of inflammatory cells called granulomas may be behind the swelling and redness.The condition itself is referred to as sarcoidosis, although it is associated with an immune response, the trigger is not always clear..

Certainly, blood tests showed elevated levels of the types of hormones expected in the immune response, and a CT scan of the patient’s chest revealed a group of small nodules, which is another common feature in sarcoidosis..

Soon after receiving treatment, the man had another symptom of hearing loss in both ears, although it is not overly common, but in some cases the ends of granulomas can accumulate around the nerves in the skull and around the face, affecting hearing.

Regarding the cause, while investigating his symptoms, doctors took a closer look at the six-month-old’s tattoo on the man’s back, and found signs of granulomas in the skin within the tattoo lines.


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