Jordan consumes 500 thousand medical masks daily


Jordan consumes 500 thousand medical masks daily


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The value of Jordan’s import of medical masks during the first five months of the year amounted to about 2.5 million dinars, compared to 2.4 million dinars last year, with the increase in daily consumption due to Corona.

The Jordanian Department of Statistics indicated that “about 500 thousand masks are consumed daily, with an increase in local production from 4 to 6 million masks produced by 20 factories.”

She added, “Before the pandemic, production did not exceed 30,000 masks, which were produced by 3 specialized factories.”

For his part, the representative of the leather industries and knitting sector in the Jordan Chamber of Industry, Ihab al-Qadri, said, “The importance of this industry lies in its ability to adapt and fully produce the local market need, which achieves self-sufficiency and supports the strategic stock of this basic commodity in light of the Corona outbreak.”

He added, “The production of cloth medical masks is an important factor in the leather industries and knitting sector to raise the sector’s flexibility, especially small and medium enterprises, in maintaining employment, recycling the wheel of the productive sector, providing liquidity and covering part of the sector’s losses resulting from the decline in demand for its non-essential products during Pandemic. ”

“The Jordanian industry is fully capable of covering the needs of the local market, and opening the way to go to the export markets, especially the Arab countries, with opportunities also in the global markets,” al-Qadri pointed out.

Jordan has announced 1,329 cases of corona, and 10 deaths from the virus since the beginning of its outbreak in the Kingdom.

Source: “Jordanian agencies”


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