Kafr al-Dawwar massacre … The prosecution orders the husband to be seized and brought


7:53 AM

Wednesday 26 August 2020

Beheira – Ahmed Nasra:

The Public Prosecution Office of Kafr al-Dawar in the Beheira governorate ordered the arrest and bringing of “Islam MF” for investigation into the killing of his wife and two children, whose bodies were found inside their home.

The Director of the Public Prosecution office examined the bodies of the victims, ordered the forensic medicine to be assigned to autopsy them, explain the causes of death, and take DNA samples for the victim’s two children and the husband, with the investigation commissioned to investigate the incident, its circumstances and circumstances, and to investigate the husband and his relationship with the victim.

The people of Kafr al-Dawwar had found 3 bodies of a mother and her two children inside their house, and it turned out that they belonged to: “Yasmine. AM – 23 years old,” “Ali. E. Muhammad – 3 years old,” and “Muhammad. IM – 3 years old”.

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