Know the latest developments in the health status of YouTuber Mustafa Hafnawi


Actress Nada Rahmi revealed the developments in the health of the famous Youtuber Mustafa Hafnawi, where she posted a picture that she collected with him through her personal account on “Instagram”, and wrote in her comment on it, “May God heal you, Hefnawy, and do you for your family and friends who love you well and in good health .. Please pray for Mustafa. Hafnawi .. Supplication changes destinies .. His condition is very deteriorating and he has fallen into a coma with zero consciousness. “

This comes as Tamer Hosni, the famous blogger, Mustafa Hafnawi, had visited the hospital, after suffering a brain hemorrhage and because of his wrong diagnosis, he was paralyzed and in a coma.

Tamer Hosni had celebrated Mustafa Hafnawi’s birthday in 2017 and Tamer surprised him by bringing him a “cake,” and he celebrated his birthday with him and sang “Every year and you are good” despite his preoccupation with filming scenes of his new movie, “Good Night”.

Hafnawi’s friends wrote, through their accounts on the communication sites, the details of his sudden injury, as the YouTuber wrote on Ghazlan on his Instagram page: “My friend Mustafa Hafnawi was with us, and your eggs were normal .. Suddenly he felt cramps in his stomach and pain in his right shoulder, the hospital went on his leg. Very normal at 1 pm. Was reserved and diagnosed with colitis. “

He continued: “But after 6 hours, Mustafa lost consciousness and we discovered that the diagnosis was wrong and that he had a stroke. Now there was complete atrophy in the left part of his brain and there was a suspicion of hemiplegia, please pray for him, our Lord to heal him and be patient with his family .. He is in a coma until now.” And our Lord conceals it to what He surpasses and knows, our Lord is capable of everything and is capable of a miracle. “The artist here Al Zahid posted on Instagram a picture of Mustafa Hafnawi from the hospital, and commented on it:” Pray to Mustafa Hafnawi, our Lord will make you safe and reassure your family. “

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It is noteworthy that, during the past hours, thousands of leaflets have spread demanding prayers for “Hafnawi” in his current health crisis, during which he is under close supervision in intensive care after completely losing consciousness, and putting him on respirators.

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