Kuwaiti “Education” determines the fate of Egyptian teachers on the first of September (details)


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Teachers stranded in Egypt sent a cry for help to the Kuwaiti Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Saud Al-Harbi, to save them from the consequences of the decision to stop flying, the most important of which is the prejudice to their salaries and financial dues.

The Egyptian teachers confirmed, in statements to the Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Rai, that their departure from the country was not due to tourism, but due to compelling family circumstances that forced them to do so, and then they were surprised by the decision to stop flying.

The teachers indicated that during the past five months, they were waiting for any decisions issued by the Ministry of Education regarding the school year, to join their work and continue their profession, but that the decision was issued to end the school year and was followed by the statement of Minister Dr. Saud Al-Harbi regarding allowing them to leave without leaving, provided that they are They are there long enough before the start of the new school year, wondering: “For what sin do we count as a break from work?”

One of the teachers said: “I went to Egypt to undergo a gallbladder operation and to see my elderly mother, and left my husband and children in Kuwait, and then I was surprised by the closure of the airport,” stating that it is not fair to consider her on leave without pay. She served 12 years in Kuwait schools during which she performed Her profession to the fullest.

While the teacher expected that a decision would be made to reopen the airport no later than March 30, a responsible educational source said that the ministry has not issued any negative or positive directives regarding teachers who are stuck abroad until this moment, as coordination is taking place with the Civil Service Bureau regarding them, adding: “It is expected that the public education sector will determine their fate, starting from September 1, when they will start working in the new year,” according to the newspaper.

The source pointed out that their salaries could not be touched during the past period, which is considered a leave for teachers, stressing that “their situation is exceptional and it is expected that the ministry will take into account their family conditions in the current health situation that was imposed on everyone, and did not leave the freedom of choice for anyone.”

The source touched on the mechanism for employing male and female teachers in the local contracting, stressing that it is continuing and transferring those who meet the conditions to the Department of Coordination and Follow-up of Public Education to set the date of the interview, and indicated that all those who meet the requirements of specialization and appreciation are acceptable, but there are some procedures that may delay entering their data in the central employment system He stressed that these procedures are being completed within the next few days.

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