Lada announces a practical and cheap crossover


Lada announces a practical and cheap crossover

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Autovaz, the manufacturer of Lada cars, announced its intention to launch a crossover model of these cars, with good specifications and very competitive prices.

According to the available information, the new car will be a modified version of the Lada Granta Cross cars, and its design will bring many improvements in terms of appearance, as its front facades will be similar to that of modern Vesta cars from Lada.

The roofs of these vehicles will also come in black, which will give a distinctive touch to the difference in the color of the roof from the color of the basic structure.

These cars will have seats that can accommodate 5 passengers covered with waterproof and moisture-proof fabric, and can be heated through an electrical system, two air safety pads to protect passengers during accidents, an ABS system for the brakes, as well as light and rain sensors, and a cruise control system while traveling on highways, And rear sensors to park the car safely.

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It is assumed that these vehicles will be offered with mechanical and automatic gearboxes, and with 4-cylinder engines with a capacity of 1.6 liters and 106 horsepower of torque, as for their prices in Russia, they will start from 650,000 rubles (approximately 9,000 dollars).

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