Learn about the details of the first Russian vaccine for the Coronavirus in 10 information


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced today, Tuesday, the registration of the first vaccine against the Corona virus in the world, in the first step to stop the attacks of the Corona virus, which has infected 20 million and killed 735 thousand people around the world.

The following report provides details of the first vaccine the world recorded for the Corona virus, according to Russian news agency:

August 1 – 11 is the date for the launch of the first Corona vaccine in the world

2- The vaccine has been shown to work very effectively

3- It forms stable immunity

4- Passing all necessary safety tests

5- The Russian president announced that one of his daughters had been vaccinated

6- The Deputy Minister of Health announced that high temperature may be the most prominent complication of the virus

7- It can be overcome by taking paracetamol

8- The Russian President asked Health Minister Mikhail Murashko to announce the details of the vaccine

9- Russia is preparing to manufacture quantities of the vaccine.

10 The Philippine President announced his volunteering to be the first to receive vaccine doses and injections of elderly people and doctors in the first step

Russia had recently announced that it had completed experiments on the vaccine, and had approved it, provided that it would be registered on August 12th, so that the date would record this important date, and for the first time the head of the Russian Aesthetic Institute revealed Gamaleya It is the laboratory that develops the vaccine on how the vaccine works against the Corona virus, as Russia is one of several countries racing to be the first to develop a vaccine for the Corona virus to stop the epidemic after the Russian Deputy Minister of Health Oleg Gridnev revealed that the country will register the first vaccine in the world against the new Corona virus On August 12, however, the Russian President announced today the registration of the first vaccine for Corona.


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