Learn about the reasons and objectives for establishing the National Council for Mental Health


The draft law submitted by the government to amend Law No. 71 of 2009 regarding the care of the mental patient, which was approved by the House of Representatives as a whole, and will take final approval in its session today, Monday, organized the terms of reference of the National Council for Mental Health.

The draft law stipulated that the National Council for Mental Health:

1- Supervising and controlling the regional mental health councils.

2- Follow up the implementation of the provisions of this law in mental health facilities.

3- Establishing policies that ensure respect for the rights and safety of mental patients.

4- Publication of periodic reports on its activities according to what is specified by the executive regulations of this law.

5- Monitor the conditions of entry, detention and treatment of mental patients and ensure that they enjoy the guarantees and rights stipulated in this law.

6- Deciding on grievances against the decisions of the regional councils of mental health.

7- Setting standards for licensing issued by the Ministry of Health to manage and operate mental health facilities, and to renew and cancel them.

8 – The council shall have a technical committee of specialized doctors to review patient records when necessary, in accordance with what is included in the executive regulations of this law.

9- The council exercises the competences of the regional council for mental health in the governorates in which no regional council for mental health has been formed.


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