Learn about the specializations required for physical therapy graduates to join the police


The Police Academy announced its desire to join some university majors, including the College of Physical Therapy, where those with a doctorate or master’s “female” and those with a bachelor’s “male and female” are entitled to apply to the Police College.

Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of Interior, agreed to accept a new batch to join the Police College, within the framework of the controls stipulated in Law No. 91 of 1975 regarding the establishment of the Police Academy and its amendments, and Ministerial Resolution No. 864 of 1976 regarding the internal regulations of the Police Academy and its amendments..

Those enrolled at the Police College will receive many benefits, the most prominent of which is the graduate enjoying all the benefits prescribed for the Ministry’s officers, the most important of which are health care in the police’s hospitals for the officer and his family, sports care by requiring police clubs at the regional level, social care “summer resorts – Hajj – Umrah – excursions, cultural care.” Allow postgraduate studies and scholarships“.

The Egyptian Police Academy is a lofty scientific edifice that has carried throughout history the torch of knowledge in the security service, as it is the epic of patriotism and the factory of men, and whoever follows the history of the Police Academy discovers that it has not ceased to fulfill its mission in preparing and qualifying qualified policemen at the highest educational, training and research level, as it is one of the oldest and largest Police academies in the world are the first at the regional level with leadership and prestige at all levels and at the national, regional and international levels..


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