Learn the various causes for the appearance of random bruising in the body


Bruising is a very common occurrence and occurs when blood becomes trapped under the skin, and usually occurs after an injury affecting small blood vessels. However, not all bruises have a simple explanation..

Wolfa Lucker Expected medicalnewstoday Although random or sudden bruising does not necessarily mean that a person has a medical condition, it may be helpful to discuss the matter with the doctor..

Random bruising may indicate an underlying health problem. Most bruises do not worry and will heal within two weeks. They may vary in color, and skin color may affect the appearance of the bruise..

However, sporadic, random bruising may be a symptom of something less obvious, especially if there are other symptoms. Bruises on the trunk, back, or face may be a particular concern..

Causes of bruising

Age: the elderly are more prone to bruising, the skin becomes thinner and less flexible, especially on the back of the arms, blood vessels lose elasticity and break more easily.

Gender: Females tend to bruise more easily than males although there is no conclusive medical evidence for the cause, but females usually have thinner skin, which facilitates the appearance of bruises.

Genetics: The tendency to bruising can be easily in a family for example, von Willebrand disease is a genetic bleeding disorder in which blood does not clot properly This leads to easy bruising or larger bruising

Here are some possible causes of random bruising

Medicines and supplements

Medications such as anticoagulants, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and corticosteroids reduce the blood’s ability to clot. This may cause blood to leak from the vessels and accumulate under the skin.

Bleeding disorder or thrombosis

Latent bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, thrombocytopenia, or factor V deficiency can cause bruising.

Hemophilia is a genetic condition in which people lack either the eighth or ninth coagulation factor, leading to excessive bruising. It is a rare condition that affects mostly males.

People with immune thrombocytopenia have a low number of platelets, and bruises can also appear without cause. Platelets are cells that help blood to clot and stop bleeding.

Factor V deficiency is a rare bleeding disorder in which people lack a protein clotting factor and this prevents blood from clotting. Symptoms can occur at any age, but most severe cases tend to occur during childhood..


Sepsis is an infection that causes the accumulation of toxins in the blood or tissues. People with sepsis often have a group of small blood stains, similar to tingling points in the skin (freckles) or purple areas without treatment. These may increase in size, unite together, and form larger bruises.

Vitamin deficiency

A weak diet can affect health in a number of negative ways, and a lack of vitamins can contribute to random bruising. Some of the deficiencies include vitamin C deficiency and vitamin K deficiency.

Required for collagen production, strengthening the immune system, and maintaining antioxidant activity, multipurpose vitamin V is vital for health. It also removes harmful free radicals that can lead to tissue degeneration and random bruising.


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