Live broadcast – Angie Khoury competed with Sama Al-Masry with an exciting appearance


Angie Khoury competes with Sama Al-Masry .. Some artists use the social media platforms to draw attention to them in all possible ways, by publishing exciting pictures and videos through social networking sites “Facebook” and “Instagram”, and they do not care much about the extent of manners and general taste in the media content Publicly posted.

And these artists always introduce their bodies in a disgusting way of looking, through tempting and nude clothes, which do not cover anything from their bodies, all for the sake of fame and money and increasing the number of followers through their official accounts.

Syrian actress Angie Khoury and Egyptian Sama El Masry are competing to attract the attention of the public, in a shameful way, which is to give up modesty in behavior and clothing as well, and boast about showing exciting areas of their bodies through live broadcasts.

Sama Al-Masry always used the cultural and sporting events to appear in a shameful manner and display a specific area of ​​her body, to excite the youth and to lead the trend. And which raises scandalous events.


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