Longest period of conflict with Corona … a woman recovered after spending 141 days in hospital


Coronavirus is an epidemic that has killed many people around the world, and has infected many people. There are those who recover from the disease within two weeks, but some cases continue to treat for periods, and some may need a respiratory system. The British Daily Mail newspaper reported the story of the longest period of conflict with coronavirus And victory over him.


After spending 141 days in hospital, she fights Covid-19 , And pneumonia Fatima Predel has recovered from the coronavirus and has returned to her home and is considered to be the longest period of conflict with the disease.

Fatima Braidel, 35, contracted coronavirus after returning to the United Kingdom from a month-long trip to Mohammedia, Morocco, she was in a coma for 40 days and had to be put on a ventilator when her health and lungs deteriorated, and she spent 105 days on a rescue machine Life.

Mrs. Predel said NHS She saved her life and that all employees “deserve a medal, describing the pain she suffered from the ventilator as” terrifying ““.

After recovering
After recovering

One of Ms Briddle’s lungs collapsed and she will not be able to breathe at full capacity again, describing her recovery from the virus as a “medical miracle”.“.

Doctors are now being monitored at home by doctors, and she said she hopes to work for the UK Medical Services Authority, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he was “overjoyed” by news of Fatimas recovery..


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