Malaysia discovers a new strain of Corona virus, 10 times more contagious


Malaysia has discovered a new strain of the new coronavirus that has turned out to be ten times more contagious, according to a newspaper report timesnownews Earlier, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief infectious disease expert in America, warned that the Corona virus is showing some signs of mutation in a way that may accelerate its spread..


And according to a report by Bloomberg, the so-called mutation was found D614G In at least three of the 45 cases in a group it started from a restaurant owner.

The report, citing the Director General of Health in Malaysia, Noor Hisham Abdullah, said that the strain may mean that the current studies are on Vaccines It may be incomplete or ineffective against mutation of the virus.

و .ضاف People need to be careful and take more precautions because this strain has now been found in Malaysia. There is a dire need for people to cooperate so that together we can break the chain of infection from any mutation, and the report stated that the strain was also found in another group that includes individuals returning from the Philippines..

Since it was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December of last year, scientists have discovered mutations or changes in the genetic material of the Coronavirus even though the virus mutation has become the dominant variant in Europe and the United States, the World Health Organization said that there is no evidence of That strain could lead to more serious disease. Meanwhile, a research paper published in Cell Press It is unlikely that the mutation will have a significant effect on the effectiveness of vaccines currently being developed around the world.


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