“Mental Health”: drug analysis of 150,000 employees last year


08:07 PM

Sunday 23 August 2020

Books – Ahmad Jumaa:

A delegation from the General Secretariat for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment participated in the national symposium on “The Global Annual Report on Drugs and the Impact of COVID-19 on Supply and Demand” in partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior, which was held online.

The secretariat said in a statement today, Sunday, that during the symposium, international reports issued during the past year were reviewed, including the reports issued on the drug tramadol, which Egypt had the honor to participate strongly in preparing.

The secretariat stated that it supervises 19 hospitals and centers throughout the republic, and provides treatment to about 130,000 patients annually in outpatient clinics, and about 6,000 patients annually in internal departments.

She added that she is training various cadres working in the field of addiction treatment, and the first batch of recovery counselors has been graduated and is currently training the second batch through the Internet.

She drew attention to conducting an analysis of drug detection for workers in the government sector, hospitals and the private sector, as a contribution to reducing the problem of addiction, as it was detected through campaigns on 150,000 employees of the state’s administrative apparatus during 2019.

She explained that she would soon announce the graduation ceremony for the first batch of doctors who obtained the first clinical diploma in the treatment of addiction.

The Secretariat follows in its treatment policies the scientific programs proven in the evidence and internationally approved by the largest parties concerned with treating addiction, and services continued without interruption during the Corona pandemic, with the provision of services via the Internet, in order to provide the necessary support for addiction patients during the crisis.

She confirmed that she will soon announce the results of a comprehensive national survey of the phenomenon of abuse and addiction in Egypt.


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