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Today’s contemplation of the life of contemporary man, and of the reality and circle of his life, the problems that plague it, the tensions and the subsequent changes that follow, finds himself surrounded by an almost endless barrage of questions.

And his mind is crowded with ideas that are surprising and strange, for the global environment today; Especially the urban ones polluted with almost uninterrupted news about wars, poverty, immigration, crimes, conflicts, scandals, diseases and antagonisms …

The actions of the individual and the groups in it are difficult to understand and interpret, the actions and behaviors cannot be controlled or predicted, and the point of the compass of everything is unknown and full of contradictions.

There is not a little light at the end of the tunnel. Countries are striving with all their efforts to possess weapons that will prevail over man and nature, and are racing to control the geography of every land that has capabilities and wealth by all means and various means.

Mental health from a social point of view is compatibility with the ways and styles of community life, regardless of whether this society is healthy or insane.

Science is also moving forward, putting morals on one side, and the culture of consumption has penetrated all societies and seeped into most mentalities, and modern man has become lost in light of all these indications, and the question is being posed with urgency about health and disease more than ever before, and its proposal becomes more legitimate based on For the aforementioned realities, are we really normal (state, individuals and groups)?

Normalization and disease are two basic concepts in psychology, sociology, and educational sciences. Defining them requires reference to a specific historical and cultural context.

However, we will narrow the circle of the topic and will not address the two concepts from the angle of psychopathology, which is based on the dynamic axiom in this part, which is that between normal and disease a hair, or as Freud would have added, “We are all psychiatric patients to one degree or another.”

We will not approach the two concepts from a statistical approach that can be summarized in the language of numbers, and we will not approach these two concepts from an objective and healthy angle because they are based on clear value positions and judgments, but we will try to deal with these two concepts through a social approach.

Pathologic goes back to the Greek root Patos pathos, which means disease (normal), and the word normal / normal normal goes back to the Latin origin, Nomra, which has the meaning of “standing, or a means allowing the fulcrum of a right triangle.”

Normalite means conforming to standards and norms. We note here that it is not possible to distinguish between disease and social normality based on some characteristics such as intelligence, height and weight … because it relates to comparison between people in similar situations.

Therefore, the significance of health (whether) in its social context is identical to the mental state of most members of society. Mental health from a social point of view is compatibility with the methods and methods of community life, regardless of whether this society is healthy or insane, sick or disoriented, the basic is that the individual is Compatible with the community.

Athletic exercises improve the psychological state of the individual

In a broader sense, the most important thing is for compatibility, regardless of whether the society is disorganized or the individual is blind. The principle of compatibility raises three basic assumptions regarding mental health or whether they are:

1. Every society is normal in itself.

2. Every mental illness is a deviation from the personality type desired by this society.

3. The aim of mental health, psychiatry and psychotherapy is to return the person to the normal (normal) personality paths.

In our opinion, these assumptions can be applied to the individual, the group and the states from a research point of view with a change in terms and expressions.

And because proving or denying these assumptions remains relative, the reality today allows for the most optimistic; To put the behavior and actions of states, individuals and societies in the wrong box, as wars tear many countries and foreign interference in the affairs of states is not hidden by the sieve, and strife is everywhere according to what news reads us.

Societies are continuing their habits of consumption and their diseases almost endless, including unemployment, backwardness, begging, unlimited consumption of informatics technology, and constant involvement in the maze of dependency and blind imitation, and individuals are also involved in their own world where isolation, depression, suicides and drug abuse …

Whether sickness is a hair, or as Freud would have added, “We are all psychopaths to one degree or another.”

In light of this reality, love and work are not sufficient for mental health, as Freud acknowledges, nor the orientation towards production, as Eric Fromm asserts, nor self-realization as Maslow suggests.

And no other determinants are sufficient to get out of the state of sickness and abnormalities today, because the internal and external world of individuals is afflicted with disease and abnormalities from every angle, from every aspect and from every direction .., and the general balance of individuals and the social environment will not return except with the balance of society and the state together.

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