Messi invites Neymar to accompany him in Manchester City


Dua Argentine Lionel Messi The Barcelona star, his former colleague Neymar da Silva, the player of Paris Saint-Germain, to move with him to Manchester City, and Lionel Messi had sent an official fax to the Barcelona administration requesting the activation of the free departure clause at the end of this season in his contract ending June 2021, and Manchester City leads the race for clubs seeking To contract with the Argentine star.

According to what was published by the network “ESPNGlobal, Messi called his colleague Neymar and invited him to move with him to Manchester City to play together again, despite the latter dreaming of returning to Barcelona.

She explained that the process of combining Messi and Neymar in Man City is a very complicated process, because it is not clear that Messi will leave Barcelona permanently, and in the event that this happens, it will be difficult for City to conclude the two deals without violating the rules of fair financial play, as well as Paris Saint-Germain’s not agreeing to Neymar left with this ease.

And press reports have confirmed that Messi is close to Manchester City with a two-year contract and an annual salary of 40 million euros, the same as what he was getting with Barcelona.

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