Ministry of Health Infection Control: Corona transmission through air and fans has not proven the most dangerous means of ventilation


Dr. Ehab Attia, Director of the Infection Control Department at the Ministry of Health said that many people were infected with corona without showing any symptoms, but the World Health Organization denies that there has been a change in the ferocity of the virus.

He added, during a phone conversation with the Egyptian Sabahik programs, that the transmission of the Corona virus through the air has not been proven and has so far been transmitted only by droplets, dentists their work is more sensitive than others to their proximity to the patient’s face during their work and we hope that citizens have a role and that their income to the clinics is organized and that A path is designated for everyone who suffers from any symptoms because the clinic areas are from the crowded areas and we ask the citizens to keep wearing masks.

He continued: There are some things that are sure to transmit the virus, such as dealing with the infected person face to face, and there are other potentially transfer of the virus, such as air conditioning that pulls the air inside the room, then it cools it and returns it again. The worst types of ventilation in this pandemic are the fans because it takes the spray and spreads it on Distant distances. As for shaving devices, it is possible to transmit the virus if it approaches the nose, but the risk of transmission from the barber is greater.


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