Mohamed Bayoumi withdraws from defending the rights of Zamalek in the file of the Century Club


Mohamed Bayoumi, an expert on international regulations, announced his withdrawal from the file defending the rights of Zamalek in the case of the Club of the Horn of Africa, and Bayoumi said in a phone call to the Sabah program laughing with the journalist Ahmed Khairy on Radio On Sport, “I withdrew from the presidency of the file defending the rights of Zamalek in the club case Century, set conditions for the management of the White Club to implement them, but they are being implemented, so I decided to withdraw.

Mohamed Bayoumi added, “I did not apologize because of the material. I decided to defend the rights of Zamalek for free, and I told the officials my desire not to get money, and my withdrawal does not mean that the position of Zamalek is weak, but I preferred to withdraw for reasons known to Zamalek officials, and since my withdrawal I have no information about the case and I am not Interested to know, and I am not eager to know anything about this file“.

The period of interruption also witnessed the renewal of old conflicts between the two poles, where the Zamalek Club returned to claim its right in the title of Club of the Century, which is the honorary title given by the African Union to Al-Ahly Club in 2001, stressing that the white team won more African championships in the last century than Al-Ahly, and therefore is He joined the title, and the white club decided to complain in more than one side, most notably the FIFA, and the dispute is still ongoing, especially after Zamalek suspended banners at the club’s headquarters saying: “Zamalek, the Real Century Football Club“.

According to the vision of the Zamalek Council, he believes that Al-Abyad deserves this title to crown him with more continental championships than Al-Ahly in the previous century, as Zamalek was crowned with nine continental championships, compared to seven tournaments crowned with red in the twentieth century, while Kef awarded this title to Al-Ahly according to the points system that was put in place Which came includes different points for the championships and access to advanced roles in the African championships, a system that the Zamalek Council has shown unfair – according to the vision of the White Council – so this appeal will be submitted after the Zamalek Club files in the case were translated into English and French.

It is scheduled that the file will be sent to the International Sports Court “Cass”, with the file also in the Egyptian Football Association and it will be sent to the International Football Federation “FIFA” as well to study it and resolve the fact of Zamalek Club in the title Century Club Whether or not, after adding some documents to the file during the current period.


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