Moroccan Yassin and defensive mistakes behind the loss of Manchester United


Lost lost Manchester United In the semifinals for the third time this season, where he was knocked out in the same round FA cup AndLeague CupAnd he came back on Sunday evening, losing in the same round to Sevilla.

Manchester United lost to the favorite team in this tournament so that Seville It is the team that holds the record in the competition with 5 titles.

The English side paid the price for weaknesses in defense and attack, as well as for the brilliance of the Seville goalkeeper, Morocco Yassin Bono.

Yacine Bono starred and saved the Seville goal from several dangerous attempts by Bruno Fernandez, Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial.

The lack of decisiveness in front of goal and defensive errors caused United to miss many points at the start English Premier League This was repeated against Sevilla, on Sunday, despite the advance with an early goal by Bruno Fernandez from the penalty spot after 9 minutes had passed from the start, according to Reuters.

And tried football analyst, Rio Ferdinand, the former Manchester United defender, who won the League title 6 times and the Champions League 2008, during a golden era under the coach Alex FergusonSummarize the team’s suffering.

Ferdinand wrote on his Twitter account, “When you do not take advantage of opportunities, you are punished. When you do not defend hard you are punished. There is no need to analyze the game tonight.”

For his part, he said Harry Maguire The current United defender, who moved last year from Leicester City for £ 80m, told BT Sport: “We conceded two goals from two crosses, which is not a good thing … losing is unacceptable. Getting to the semi-final is just unacceptable. We must make the next step. “

Thanks to two crosses from both sides, Sevilla scored on both occasions and turned a goal behind into a win.

Soso scored the equalizer before scoring Luke de Young The goal of victory after it escaped from control Victor Lindelof He got the time and space to score from close range in the second half.

“We played a great game and created a lot of chances, but in football this is not enough, as we wasted a lot in front of goal,” said Fernandez.

An altercation took place between Fernandez and his colleague Lindelof after De Jong’s goal, which summed up the bad night for United, who also missed many easy opportunities on the other side of the field.


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