Mortada Mansour and Farman stubbornly inform the Egyptians … what happens on the Zamalek channel?


Things do not go inside Zamalek channel In the best case, after news of the United Media Services intervention; To amend some of the administrative conditions of the channel regarding the appearance of the club president, Mourtada Mansour, on the channel’s screen, or through phone calls.

Adjustments in editorial policy

The journalist Ahmed Saeed claimed that the administration took 5 decisions that he described as cruel, namely appointing Ayman Salem, director of On Sport channels as general supervisor of the channel and making adjustments to the editorial policy so that the President of Zamalek has no right to make interventions except with the personal permission of the supervisor of the channel, and any intervention by the President of Zamalek It will not exceed a specified period.

The decisions included the work of montage of all the videos of the President of Zamalek and the deletion of any paragraph in which an attack on the Al-Ahly club and its management occurred, and not hosting any guest except after obtaining the approval of the channel’s supervisor, and finally .. Stopping the map of the new programs of the channel until it is confirmed the commitment of the club president.

Constant differences

The decisions made by Ahmed Saeed were not officially announced to the Egyptians, but they come against previous backgrounds of disputes between Counselor Mortada Mansour and the channel’s management.

Earlier, Mortada Mansour rejected an action taken by the channel to prevent him from displaying a statement on her screen, saying that it would include a surprise to the fans of the White Castle.

On July 23, Chancellor Mortada Mansour gave an interview on the channel’s screen, in which he said that what happened to him in the Zamalek media in Egypt was “a farce and a mockery”.

He added that he would hold a meeting with Egyptian media officials because of what he called the farce they had committed with him on the channel.

Is Al-Ahly a party to the case?

Followers of the origin of the crisis, Al-Ahly may find a party in that case because of the complaints and reports submitted by Al-Ahly against the President of Zamalek, which also affects the channel because of what Al-Ahly considered a transgression against his boss and his administration.

The Al-Ahly club published a statement in which it addressed the United Media Services Company in which it said that the Al-Ahly club acquires this national company, which many depend on in a media renaissance that the country deserves, that one of the channels owned and managed by this company, the Zamalek Club channel, will destroy the values ​​of Egyptian society To delve into the symptoms, make false accusations, repeat falsehoods, insults, and emerging causes.

The statement added: All this is on the words of the president of Zamalek, almost daily, through the screens of his club’s channel, and it exceeds the right of Al-Ahly club and its leaders and symbols, and many people.

Al-Ahly club demanded the cessation of the irresponsible statements of the President of Zamalek, and the punishment of those in charge of the channel, which the National Company aims to perform its message in a way that increases the rapprochement and cohesion between the sons of the homeland.

Does Murtaza Mansour acquiesce?

Murtada Mansour considers that he is fighting a battle aimed at obtaining the rights of the club, whether with regard to the issue of Al-Qarn club, which is disputed with Al-Ahly, or even a dispute over decisions between the two clubs, the latest of which is the return of the league, as well as the hot competition in the golden box of the African Champions League.

But Mortada Mansour does not stop appearing on the club’s channel, but finds from the platforms of the outlet an outlet for the fans of Zamalek and to release his statements and fiery statements during which he does not concede the attack on whom he deems worthy of this attack from his point of view based on positions or decisions.

Therefore, the decisions of the united company – if they are correct – may increase the crisis between the two parties, but it will not prevent Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek club, from appearing or exaggerating the attack on his opponents.


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