“NASA” reveals what will happen in space the day before the US elections


The “NASA” space agency revealed that an event had occurred in space a day before the US presidential elections 2020, and according to the American “CNN” network, the Near-Earth Objects Studies Center in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory reported that there is an asteroid that will approach the Earth. On November 2nd.

“NASA” agency said, “2018 is expected to approach”VP1″ From the ground on November 2, that is, the day before the 2020 presidential elections, according to its data.

The asteroid was first identified at the Palomar Observatory in San Diego, USA, in November 2018, and has a diameter of 0.002 km, or about 6.5 feet.

The data indicate that the asteroid will approach the Earth’s atmosphere, but the probability of affecting it is 0.41%..

According to NASA data, the number of potential collisions of the asteroid may be three, with a “99.59% chance that the asteroid will miss the Earth.”“.

The next US presidential election is scheduled to take place next November, in which US President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, will compete with Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s candidate, who are the two most prominent candidates in that election.

It is worth noting that the US space agency NASA warned in June of the approaching asteroid 163348 (2002) NN4) Which is “potentially dangerous” from Earth, with a diameter of between 250 and 570 meters, and will pass our planet 5.1 million kilometers at a speed of 11.1 kilometers per second.

And NASA said on its website that an asteroid classified as “potentially dangerous” will approach Earth on the sixth of June.


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