Natural collagen and knee roughness treatment … 15 amazing benefits of kneeling


Dr. pharmacist Baher Al-Saeed emphasized that the foods of herbs and soups are among the most healthy foods that many overlook, and they have amazing health benefits for many problems, whether for men or women.
Baher Al-Saeed, during his meeting with the Inbox program broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel, explained the benefits of quarrels, which are:

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1- Quarra is an important source of collagen 2- Quarry soup has a similar effect to Botox on the skin

3- It contains important substances for skin cells and hair nourishment

4- Useful for bone problems such as roughness and arthritis

5- Healthy in treating cracking joints and knees

6- Resists wrinkles, for both men and women

7- Renew the epidermal cells

8- It gives the skin freshness and vitality

9- Supports vascular movement

10. Useful for arterial patients

11. Useful for skin diseases such as psoriasis

12- It contains high antioxidants that protect you from diseases

13- It strengthens immunity amazingly

14- Improved digestion

15- It is useful for men as it increases semen and enhances their sexual ability.


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