Nisreen Amin’s description as a compass, and censorship has omitted half of the arrest answer …


Books – Diaa Mustafa:
Today, director Mohamed Sami celebrates his 37th birthday, as he was born on August 26, 1983.
In a few years, Sami was able to become one of the most important directors in drama and cinema, as he presented: “Al-Prince, Ould Al-Ghalaba, The Legend, Omar and Salma 3, a life story, with premeditation, good night”, and others.
In this report, we monitor the statements and disagreements of Muhammad Sami.
– He said that the censorship had deleted half of the movie “Answer to Arrest”, so he or Muhammad Ramadan should not be held accountable for it.
– He said that he was prepared to lose or fail the series “Al-Prince” in return for the message of the series “The Choice”.
– He added that if his entire family wanted to act and had a talent, he would present it and he would not care what people said.

  • In 2019, he wrote a controversial tweet and did not clarify what he meant, including: “God suffices, and yes, the agent in the one who thieves my effort and looks after him. I have evidence of my words, but Ramadan will be concluded. “
    – He explained that he turned to writing because he felt that the presence of an author stopped him, adding in world cinema the director is the author.
  • – Muhammad Sami sought the help of the police after leaking a scene from the Al-Prince series, before its showing last Ramadan.
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  • The artist Ahmed El-Sakka and the artist Amir Karara are coming together for the first time in the upcoming Ramadan drama, through the series “The Agrabs”.
  • He retracted directing the Emperor’s series on the life story of Ahmed Zaki, and about that, he said: “The only one who is able to write this work is the author Wahid Hamed and no one else can write it according to the logic he sees.” Wahid Hamid is able to create balances between the characters in this science. He knows what is written and what is not written or offensive to Ahmed Zaki, and he is busy with the group 3 series.
    – He always attacks the artist Ghada Abdel Razek because of the disagreement between them in the series Hayat’s story, and he said in a recent interview: “We do not regret my disagreement with her, and I will not cooperate with her again, and I have nothing new to present with her.”

– He recently attacked Yasmine Sabry and Nisreen Amin, describing the latter as a compass, while he described the first as a picture without a soul, and he expelled it from filming twice in the series “Al Ostoura” and the dispute between the trio comes due to the two artists accusing him of deleting scenes of them from the Al Ostoura series in favor of his wife Mai Omar .

Sami won the best director award in the Masrawy referendum for the series Al-Prince in Ramadan 2020.


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