North Sinai Woman inaugurates the Presidential Initiative for Maternal and Fetal Health


Dr. Hasem Hamdy, Director General of Education and Information in North Sinai, confirmed that the Maternal and Fetal Health Care Initiative is a resumption of the presidential initiative to support the health of Egyptian women, explaining that the goal of the initiative is to create a generation of children, free of diseases, that are transmitted from mother to fetus during pregnancy.

Dr. Hasem said during a seminar held today, in the presence of members of the National Council for Women in North Sinai, that the initiative aims to early detection of infection with B virus, HIV and syphilis in pregnant women in all basic health care centers.

Ihsan Al-Ghali, the rapporteur of the National Council for Women, sent a message to the women of Sinai about the necessity to participate in the presidential initiative and confirmed that the health of your child is yours. She said that there is a set of tools for launching and social mobilization to participate in the initiative in the presence of Dr. Siham Jibril, a member of the 30th Committee.

Education and Media Officer Mohamed Salah confirmed that the initiative guarantees the confidentiality of analyzes, proper testing by selecting reagents with international standards, and advice to prevent diseases.

Fathi Othman added that the initiative is sustainable within the services of health units and maternal and child centers, within the framework of activating and improving the quality of routine services provided by mother and child care.

Asmaa Ahmed, the supervisor of the pioneers, confirmed that there is a set of procedures that include a clinical examination to assess the general condition of the pregnant woman and the fetus and to discover risk factors that may accompany pregnancy, such as vaccination against tetanus, measuring height, weight, blood pressure, conducting various analyzes and also following up the condition of the mother and newborn for a period of 42 days. After pregnancy ends, to discover all risk factors for the mother or newborn, and to take appropriate measures.


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