Oh, throwing the peeled garlic: it’s a healthy treasure


Garlic is included in almost all of our dishes, and before that we peel it and get rid of the peel, but is it possible that there are benefits to peel garlic? Find the answer in this article.

Garlic has many different health benefits, and it is also commonly used in alternative medicine, but what about the benefits of garlic peel? Is it possible to use these peels?

The most important benefits of garlic peel
Learn with us the most important information about the potential benefits of garlic peel:

1. Rich in various vitamins
Garlic peels contain a wide variety of vitamins that are important to the health of the body, the most important of which are vitamin A and C-E.

This means that using garlic peels will provide you with these vitamins and their many health benefits, which include the following:

Vitamin A: Important for the health of the eyes, as it works to reduce the risk of cancer, enhance the health of the immune system, skin and strengthen bones.
Vitamin C: reduces stress and cold symptoms, as well as lowering the risk of stroke and protecting the skin from aging.
Vitamin E: Promote skin health and immune system efficiency, protect the heart from disease, and reduce the risk of cancer.
2. Strong antioxidant
One of the most important benefits of garlic peel is that it is considered a strong antioxidant, as these peels contain an antioxidant called (Phenylpropanoid).

This antioxidant has various health benefits, which include:

Protect and promote heart health.
Fight diseases and health problems resulting from aging.
Boosting and strengthening the immune system.
Reducing high cholesterol levels.
3. Anti-bacterial
Where a scientific study found that the use of garlic peels works as an anti-bacterial and helps eliminate them, especially if you add it to food.

4. Help in treating skin problems
Where it is possible to use garlic peel in the treatment of athlete’s foot and itching caused by any fungal problem.

This is due to the anti-fungal properties of the garlic peel.

How to use garlic peel
In order to enjoy the benefits of garlic peel, it is important to know how to use it, so we offer you the most important of these methods:

1. Add it to soups
Add garlic peels to soup and let the soup boil and stew.

Before serving it, throw out the garlic leaves, as the ingredients of the peels have transferred to the soup.

2. Roasted garlic peel
It is one of the very popular ways to use garlic peel and enjoy its benefits.

Keep the garlic peel on the fruit when roasting, as this will help you get all the nutrients in the peels.

3. Boiled garlic peel
Boil garlic with its peel with water and let it cool before applying it to the skin area affected by the fungus.


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