On Mueller’s custody: 10 minutes she revealed “everything” in the Barcelona match


a star Bayern Munich Which led him to beat BarcelonaThen, continuing the journey until achieving the great title for the sixth time, last Sunday, he talked about one scene that occurred before the start of the match, which will remain a nightmare that haunts fans The Catalan team For many years.

Mueller stated that Barcelona players They appeared in a state of complete relaxation before the kick-off in the Portuguese city of Lisbon.

“Perhaps this does not mean much, but I will refer to only one example … We started warm-up training for a full 10 minutes before Barcelonas players (finally) went out to the stadium to warm up,” the German star said in statements carried by the Spanish newspaper Marca.

He continued, “They were very comfortable … this might not mean anything .. The match could have ended differently, but I think we were” hungrier “(in order to win).”

He did not hide Thomas Muller His feelings about departure Lionel Messi Probably about Barcelona, ​​noting that Messi “is one of the best players on the planet … and one of the best in the past 100 years.”

He added: “The change (Messi’s transfer) may be an exciting thing for the whole world of football, except for Barcelona fans (…) but I am curious to know what he will achieve on his new path.”

Mueller also joked about trying to persuade Messi to sign for the Bavarian team: “I spoke to Bayern’s CFO several times … I don’t think we can do anything about it.”


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