One of them forgot to let the doctor tell him to stop the medication and another had broken down a broad car


08:13 PM

Wednesday 19 August 2020

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

A number of art stars fell victim to fatal medical errors, for which they paid their lives, and their deaths were a shock to the masses, especially since some of them were in good health, and others suffered from treatable diseases, and between this and that they lost their lives due to negligence and medical errors.

Suad Nasr and anesthesia

What happened with Suad Nasr, it cannot be forgotten by her fans, whether from the public or those close to her. Where the oxygen equipment was connected to the digestive system instead of the respiratory system, which led to her death during surgery in January 2007, and the court sentenced the doctor to three years in prison, after which it was reduced for a year with suspension, after the heirs of the victim, except for her mother, were present. To reconcile.

Nadine Shams and Al-Qawloon

The writer, Nadine Shams, was hospitalized for colon surgery, but a medical error caused complications for her, which caused her to have a stroke, and she was put on a ventilator, until she died, and her burial was postponed until her family submitted a report against the hospital.

The success of the wave and ambulance

The great artist, Najah Al-Mogi, left our world in 1998, after hours of suffering from a heart attack, and his daughter, “Ayen”, said, in press statements, that he was exposed to a sudden health illness, and all her attempts to bring an ambulance failed as she found one of them broken and the other its driver in Leave, I did not compel her to go out and search for a doctor, and she returned and found him dead at the age of 53 years.

Atef Al-Tayeb and a failed surgery

The great director, Atef Al-Tayyeb, suffered heart problems, but he was in good health, according to the statements of the critic Majida Khairallah to Al-Arabiya. She said that the doctor told him that the heart valve had become available for the purpose of changing it, and the latter went to the hospital, but he discharged a dead body, and that he had not He listens to the advice of his colleagues at that time not to undergo surgery in Egypt, and to go to London, but he refused.

Spinning Dancer & Neglect

The dancer Ghazal, her fate is not much different from the fate of these people, as she entered the hospital for an operation, but she died, and it was reported that the fulfillment was the result of a medical error, after her husband and father submitted a report accusing the hospital of negligence.

Ahmed Ratib and the medication

Artist Ahmed Ratib was hit with water on the lung, and the doctor prescribed a medicine for 3 months so that the water would be dried from the lung, but he forgot to tell him to stop the medicine after the specified period, and salary remained taking the medicine, which led to the effect of the medicine on the water of the entire body, which affected the Kidney and bones, until his health deteriorated, which led to his death, according to director Muhammad Mohsen, in a press statement.


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